About us

OSGA is the branch of Oromia Support Group (OSG), Oromia Support Group Australia (OSGA) is a non-political organisation which attempts to raise awareness of human rights abuses in Ethiopia. OSG lobbies governments to withdraw support from the Ethiopian government until it abides by its constitution which guarantees human rights and self-determination for all peoples of Ethiopia.


Oromia Support Group Australia (OSGA) Promotes Human Rights awareness amongst the Oromo nation and other oppressed people’s in Ethiopia and advocates against abuses and violations, based on the United Nations International law of Human Rights.


Gumiin Deggertuu Oromiyaa – Australia (GDOA) waan eegama mirga namoomaa Saba Oromoo fi ummatoota cunqurfamoo Itoophiyaa keessaa dhaadhessa;

Seera Mirga Namoomaa Idil-addunyaa irratti hundaawee sarbama mirgaa fi miidhaa raawwatamu morma, falmas.



  • Physical & psychological abuses
  • Discrimination based on ethnicity
  • Gender inequality
  • Fear, threats and intimidation
  • State oppression, instability & injustice
  • Illiteracy & diseases
  • Abject poverty


  • Democracy and decision making
  • Self-determination
  • Information (freedom of speech, opinion & free press)
  • Employment
  • Healthcare
  • Environmental protection, conservation & preservation
  • Economic, social & cultural development.
  • Maintenance of  GADA system


To publicise the human rights abuses in Ethiopia, hardships suffered by the Oromo and other oppressed people in Ethiopia, and to campaign for freedom from such abuses;

To provide support and advocacy for refugees, Oromo and other Horn of Africans displaced as the result of war, conflict and instability;

Lobbying the mass media on behalf of the oppressed people in Ethiopia

To engage Oromos to become active in human rights issues of self and others;

To actively seek and establish alliances and cohesion with all discriminated people in Ethiopia and Africa on common goods and purposes.

To collaborate with all Oromo groups on human rights issues

To actively seek and establish networks within the international community and like minded NGOs, for support and solidarity on human rights issues.

To conduct seminars, conferences and information sessions to advance the organisational goals

 Oromia Support Group Australia Inc.

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